How to develop love of God

Love of God

Love of God! This is a life-changing question! What should a person do to have the constant presence of heart and to always see themselves in the presence of God in all their actions? He must develop the reasons for loving God within himself. Man loves himself but does not love the one who has created …

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Powerful Guidance: Islam on Parents status

Islam on Parents

Islam on parents! Many of the problems in our community stem from this. I don’t know if you have paid attention to this matter, but when a person examines the hospitals, they notice that most of the ills are from Youth. When a person examines the prison, they notice that most of those in prisons …

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How to have a happy life?

How to have a happy life?

How to have a happy life? ALLAH (ﷻ) said, “O Ahmad, do you know what kind of life is most pleasurable, and what kind of life is most enduring?” Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said, “Oh my lord, no.” ALLAH (ﷻ) the Exalted said, “As for the most pleasurable life, it is the one who never ceases remembering me, …

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4 Best Arabian Oud Fragrance for Him

Best Arabian Oud fragrance for him

Best Arabian Oud fragrance for him is a guide with in-depth on the best agarwood or Oud for any purpose, whether it be Arabian perfumes in sprays, French-style perfumes, Scented Chips, Bakhoor, etc. In the rich tapestry of Arabic perfumery, oudh occupies a distinguished place, echoing through ancient literature as a fragrance of special significance …

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8 Best arabic perfumes for ladies by professionals

Best arabic perfumes for ladies

Many best Arabic perfumes for ladies can be overwhelming and complicated to choose from. It is our duty at to simplify the choosing process and explain enough about the world of perfume to ensure accurate buying decisions for yourself or your loved ones. Top 8 Best arabic perfumes for ladies Khamrah EDP | by …

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Awrah Awareness 101: A Closer Look at Modesty in Islam


Awrah means the secret part of our body that we keep covered for both men and women. Awrah is an Arabic word that means the intimate body parts that must be covered with clothing to preserve dignity and self-respect, promote humility, foster healthy social interactions, Preserve family values and spiritual development, etc. Just like we …

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