Life in the Grave and appointed time of death

Life in the Grave

Life in the Grave and Al-Qiyaamah al-Sughra, often referred to as the minor resurrection, is essentially the event of death. Every person goes through this “resurrection” when they leave this world. It happens at a predestined moment. Both Bukhari and Muslim have documented a narration from ‘Aa’ishah. In it, she recounts that Bedouin men asked …

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Power of Forgiveness in Islam with benefits

Forgiveness in Islam

Forgiveness in Islam is very important. It means being kind and letting go of bad feelings when someone does something wrong. The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) showed us how to forgive. Even when people were mean to him, he forgave them. He didn’t get angry easily. Instead, he was patient and kind. We can learn from …

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8 Miswak benefits: Discover the age-old wisdom

Miswak Benefits

Miswak benefits, discover the age-old wisdom of maintaining oral hygiene through a traditional dental practice – Miswak. Rooted in the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), Miswak, made from the Salvadora persica plant, stands as a natural tooth-cleaning stick used for thousands of years across various cultures. Miswak is also called as Siwak. In this blog …

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What is Allah? Must read the beautiful words from Maula Ali

What is Allah?

What is Allah? What is Allah? All praise is due to Allah, whose excellence surpasses the capacity of human expression, whose blessings elude quantification by calculators, and whose command cannot be fully obeyed by those who strive to do so. Allah is beyond the comprehension of even the most courageous intellect, and His essence transcends …

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Truth and benefits of Isale sawab

Isale sawab

Isale Sawab is a term in Islam that means doing good deeds on behalf of someone who has passed away. When we perform acts of kindness, like reciting the Quran or giving to charity, and dedicate the rewards to a person who has died, it is called Isale Sawab. The belief is that these good …

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Is affiliate marketing halal: Guided by 9 ethical principles

Is affiliate marketing halal

Is affiliate marketing halal? Yes, Affiliate marketing is Halal, and many people are doing it in an ethical way. Affiliate marketing in Islam is generally considered permissible (halal). However, there are certain principles that you must know if you are planning to start affiliate marketing or if you are already doing it. In this post, …

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