Best real life Tahajjud miracle stories

Tahajjud miracle stories

Tahajjud miracle stories! We are never alone. God is always with us and loves us. The feeling of loneliness is false. The main reason we forget God’s kindness is due to feeling alone when making decisions and facing challenging situations. Why do we doubt God’s kindness? Why do we gradually forget it? The testing environment …

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Purpose of life in Islam! Beautiful

Purpose of life in Islam

Purpose of life in Islam. Everything that is separate from our soul is to be left behind! This means that whether it’s a house, a car, a job, or a position, it has to go. This Position comes through a 4×6 piece of paper in the form of an assignment and the form of dismissal. …

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Why can’t muslims eat pork?

Why can't muslims eat pork

Why can’t Muslims eat pork in Islam is because it is Haram (Forbidden) to eat. In this post, we will delve deeper into both scientifically and spiritually the main reasons Why can’t Muslims eat pork in Islam! In Islam, eating pork is seen as impure and is not allowed. Muslims who eat swine meat are …

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What is sabr in Islam? Strength of a soul

What is sabr in Islam

Sabr in Islam means “to prevent and to conquer or arrest.” Thus, Sabr means to control our Soul from worry, control the tongue from thanklessness or complaining, and restrain our body parts from striking the face in times of distress, tearing our clothes, and so on. Undoubtedly, any misfortunes and hardships that we face in …

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9 Beautiful Miracles of the Quran

Beautiful Miracles of the Quran

Miracles of the Quran is widely acknowledged as a remarkable work of literature. Its language, style, eloquence, and power had no equal in seventh century Arabia. They still have no match today. There is ongoing debate about if it is miraculous. But, evidence of its divine authority keeps emerging as humanity’s knowledge grows. In this …

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Powerful roles of 20 Angels in Islam

Roles of Angels in Islam

Angels in Islam are made from light. Jinn’s are made from fire. And Human’s are created in a way that has been explained to you. Ibn Hajar, mentioned in Fath and Rabi’ al-Abrar, said Sa’id b. al-Musayyab shared, “Angels are not male or female. They don’t eat, drink, marry, or have kids.” Angels in Islam …

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8 Miswak benefits: Discover the age-old wisdom

Miswak Benefits

Miswak benefits, discover the age-old wisdom of maintaining oral hygiene through a traditional dental practice – Miswak. Rooted in the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), Miswak, made from the Salvadora persica plant, stands as a natural tooth-cleaning stick used for thousands of years across various cultures. Miswak is also called as Siwak. In this blog …

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What is Allah? Must read the beautiful words from Maula Ali

What is Allah?

What is Allah? What is Allah? All praise is due to Allah, whose excellence surpasses the capacity of human expression, whose blessings elude quantification by calculators, and whose command cannot be fully obeyed by those who strive to do so. Allah is beyond the comprehension of even the most courageous intellect, and His essence transcends …

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Truth and benefits of Isale sawab

Isale sawab

Isale Sawab is a term in Islam that means doing good deeds on behalf of someone who has passed away. When we perform acts of kindness, like reciting the Quran or giving to charity, and dedicate the rewards to a person who has died, it is called Isale Sawab. The belief is that these good …

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What is Barzakh? Everything a soul should Know


Al-Barzakh is an intermediate stage of living that is entirely different from life in this world. Once the soul reaches Barzakh, it has no way of returning to this life. In Arabic, “Barzakh” means barrier Allah says: The Journey of our soul starts with birth, passes through Death, and ends with resurrection in the next life. What …

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