Why did so many people abandon Imam Husayn (A)? 

Why did so many people abandon Imam Husayn (A)? 

So many people abandon Imam Husayn (a)? What led the majority of the Islamic community during Imam Husayn’s (a) time to abandon him? And what drove such a large group to take up arms against him, fighting the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (s)? A story found in biographies sheds light on the depth of …

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Who is Imam Husain? A Champion.

Who is Imam Husain

Islam’s defender, Imam Husain , The Master of Martyrs, The Son of Commander of the Faithful (ﻉ), and the Queen of Purification (ص). On the third of blessed month of Sha’ban, in the fourth year after Hijrah, news of Imam Hussein’s (ع) birth reached the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ). This was a year after the …

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Nad e Ali Power: 6 Benefits, Recitation Guide

Dua Nad e ALi

Nad e Ali in english ﷽ O Ali, the manifestor of wonders, You are a source of help in times of difficulties. For me, you are the means to fulfill my needs, And I rely on you whenever I invoke Allah. Whenever I turn to Him and cast my hopes upon Him, Under His divine …

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Some of the best Imam Ali quotes

Imam Ali Quotes

We are presenting to you some of imam ali quotes The lord of the faithful Imam Ali a.s is the most influential Muslim of all time and was the first cousin of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Abu Talib was the father of Imam Ali a.s, and Abdillah, the father of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), were sons …

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Signs of Imam Mahdi’s arrival is sooner than you think

Imam Mahdi Signs

Imam Mahdi (عليه السلام), or the Imam of the Time, is one of the most influential figures in Islamic tradition, and his arrival is expected to be the sign of the final days before the Day of Judgment (Qiyamah).  So who exactly is Imam Mahdi (عليه السلام)? And what does his arrival mean for Muslims …

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