Khums Calculator

Khums Calculator

Khums Calculator

Khums calculator which is based on 20% scale

What is Khums?

The meaning of khums is one-fifth or 20% of certain items a person acquires as wealth and must be paid as an obligatory Islamic tax.

Types of Khums.

What are these certain things? According to the teachings of the Imams of Ahlu ‘l-bayt, there are seven things that are subject to Islamic tax:

  1. The extra money you make, or the profit.
  2. Money that is earned in a proper way but is mixed with some that are not appropriately earned.
  3. Mines and minerals.
  4. Precious stones are collected from the sea through diving.
  5. Hidden treasures.
  6. Land that a non-Muslim buys from a Muslim.
  7. The things are taken as spoils of war.

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