1 Powerful dua after Adhan: The dua you must know

Dua after adhan

Dua after Adhan, as per the teachings of our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH), there are situations when our Dua has a higher chance of being accepted by the gracious will of Allah. Respecting the call to prayer is essential because our creator, the Almighty Allah, is calling us to come and worship Him. Remembering your …

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Find peace within: 7 powerful dua for forgiveness

Dua for forgiveness

Dua for forgiveness of sins in Islam is a specific verse from the holy Quran. Many particular verses from the Holy Quran can be recited to ask for forgiveness from the Almighty Allah SWT. These different verses can be seen in the below table. Key takeaways. Keyword Quranic Verse Dua for forgiveness before sleep Surah …

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The power of 2 dua to thank Allah: transform your life forever

Dua to thank Allah

Dua to thank Allah through a valid chain of authority from Imam Al-Sadiq a.s. says the closest position between a servant and Allah is when he prostates himself before the Almighty Allah SWT. يَا رَبَّ الْاَرْبَابِوَ يَا مَلِكَ الْمُلُوْكِوَ يَا سَيِّدَ السَّادَاتِوَ يَا جَبَّارَ الْجَبَابِرَةِوَ يَا اِلٰهَ الْاٰلِهَةِصَلِّ عَلىٰ مُحَمَّدٍ وَّ اٰلِ مُحَمَّدٍ۔ “Yā Rabba …

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Modest clothing in Islam: Colorful abaya, white garments, Hijab rules, Quranic views, detailed

Modest clothing

Modest clothing in Islam is compulsory for both women and men. Modesty, also called Haya, holds great importance and is emphasized both in the Holy Quran and through the hadiths of our Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). Muslims are encouraged to be humble, respectful, and dignified in their conduct. Following the Islamic way of living will give …

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