Is forex trading Halal: Shariah principles for profitable trading

is forex trading halal

Is forex trading halal? Yes, it is halal to exchange currencies when it is done with the following Shari’ah rules and precepts. Trading different types of currencies in Islam These are the following Shari’ah rules and precepts upon which trading different currencies is halal in Islam. Selling and Buying Currencies in Islam: Simple Rules Getting …

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Is Dropshipping Halal and Ethical in Islam?

Is dropshipping Halal?

Is dropshipping Halal, The Answer is Dropshipping is not Halal because, In the view of Islamic scholars and from the Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), conventional types of dropshipping ( general stores, single-product stores, and branded niche dropshipping) may not align with Shariah principles. After all, they involve online retailers selling items they do not …

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11 Halal business Ideas: Best route to be a Millionaire

Halal business ideas

Halal Business Ideas are the best opportunity in 2024 because, In the future, there will be almost as many Muslims as Christians. From 2010 to 2050, the world’s population will become more numerous and reach 9.3 billion, a significant increase. During this time, Muslims will grow a lot, by 73%. Source: The first step …

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What is Barzakh? Everything a soul should Know


Al-Barzakh is an intermediate stage of living that is entirely different from life in this world. Once the soul reaches Barzakh, it has no way of returning to this life. In Arabic, “Barzakh” means barrier Allah says: The Journey of our soul starts with birth, passes through Death, and ends with resurrection in the next life. What …

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What is tawakkul? Perfect guide on Tawakkul


Tawakkul is the sincere dependence of the heart on Allah, trusting in Him for the fulfillment of benefits and protection from harm in worldly matters and the Hereafter. Trusting Allah is something your heart does. It’s a kind of worship that happens inside you, not with your body parts like hands or legs. Just like …

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What is taqwa in Islam? Best guide on Taqwa


Taqwa meaning in Islam means having self-control and Taqwa comes from Arabic root “wa-qa-ya,” which means “protection” or “support. Taqwa does not mean fear or avoidance, but having fear is a necessary condition to protect oneself from something and avoid it. What is taqwa in islam Taqwa in Islam is about being mindful of Allah …

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What is Takaful Insurance: Perfect guide for Islamic Insurance

Takaful insurance and conventional insurance

Takaful Insurance is a legitimate (Halal) alternative to conventional Insurance based on Islamic Finance principles. Takaful is an Arabic word derived from the word “Kafala,” meaning guaranteeing each other. The decision of the Islamic Jurisprudence Councils has established Islamic Insurance. Takaful insurance companies were created as a different choice from regular insurance. Regular insurance is …

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A Guide to Islamic Mortgage: 13 Islamic faith bank

Islamic mortgage

In Islamic finance, an Islamic mortgage is a financial arrangement that allows individuals to purchase a home while adhering to Islamic principles, prohibiting the payment or receipt of interest (riba) and promoting ethical and fair business practices. Commonly used structures for Islamic mortgages include: Islamic Mortgage structures Murabaha: Murabaha is Sharia compliance way when you …

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Here are the 10 best ways to say Jazakallah khair and reply

Jazakallah khair

In Arabic Islamic culture, “Jazakallah khair” is often used to express gratitude. “Jazakallah” means “May Allah give you,” it’s typically said at the end of a conversation or when someone does a good deed. “Jazakallah Khair” means “May Allah reward you with goodness.” In Islam, we believe in the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), according …

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The wisdom behind 99 names of allah pdf download for free

99 names of Allah

99 names of Allah are present in the noble Quran, and having a firm understanding of His beautiful name is wisdom. How can you Imagine that your worldly and afterlife affairs are just and their matters are rectified without knowing your creator, the Almighty ALLAH SWT? “And to Allah belong the best names, so invoke …

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