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The lord of the faithful Imam Ali a.s is the most influential Muslim of all time and was the first cousin of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Abu Talib was the father of Imam Ali a.s, and Abdillah, the father of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), were sons of Abdul Muttalib and children of the same mother, Fatima.

Imam Ali Quotes in English.

Success stems from good intentions.

Generosity conceals flaws.

Patience is the key to victory.

Abundant gratitude leads to abundant blessings.

Charity is the source of favor.

Goodness is the antidote to evil.

Battle your desires and seek self-preservation.

Preservation is found in faith.

Children who are kind to their parents will, in turn, be kind to them.

The greatest favor is success.

Good intentions lead to achievement.

Embrace truth generously and shun mischief.

Tolerance is the noblest form of honor.

Determination embodies steadfastness.

Satisfaction is a sufficient treasure.

Those who strive for justice shall find success.

Faith is the ultimate supply.

Keeping promises is an act of generosity.

Seeking advice is a solid support.

Belief fuels the pursuit of good deeds.

Good manners are the finest companions.

Turning away from worldly distractions ensures safety.

Modesty is a symbol of nobility.

Knowledge leads to satisfaction.

Humility is a source of honor.

Good deeds are among the best provisions.

Satisfaction leads to chastity.

Tolerance is the epitome of respect.

Imam Ali quotes on knowledge

Truthfulness is an honor, and lying is humiliating; whoever is known for his truthfulness will have his deception overlooked, and whoever is known for lying will not accept his truthfulness.

Be aware of befriending a liar; indeed, he will make what is faraway seem near, he will make what is near seem far away.

How fortunate is the one whose concern is for his own faults keeping him from noticing other people’s faults?

Anyone who listens to backbiting is one of the backbiters.

Greed decreases a man’s ability and does not increase his fortune.

Greed urges people to plunge into wrong actions.

However little the anger may be, the harm done to the self and the intellect will be great.

The most difficult faults to put right are vanity and obstinacy.

There is no praise for being arrogant.

Nahjul Balagha. (Imam Ali quotes and sermons).

“Nahjul Balagha,” often translated as “The Peak of Eloquence,” is a timeless and revered literary and philosophical masterpiece in Islamic literature. Compiled by Sharif Razi in the 10th century, it is a collection of sermons, letters, and aphorisms attributed to Ali ibn Abi Talib, the fourth Caliph of Islam and a central figure in Shia Islam.

Imam Ali quotes on consulting with others

Do not let a mean person join your consultation because he will limit your activity, nor a coward because he will make you fear what you do not worry about, and not a greedy person because he will promise you what you do not want. Indeed cowardice, meanness, and greed are all identical, for they are united in having a wrong opinion of Allah. May he be exalted.

If your enemy seeks your counsel, devout yourself to him giving good advice, for indeed, by seeking your advice, he has left off being your enemy and has started becoming your friend.

Give good advice to those who seek your counsel, and do not seek the counsel of anyone except the guidance of one who is sincere and intelligent.

Allah has mercy on the man who is aware of his capacity

Whoever knows himself surely knows his lord.

Nothing is correct if you avoid consultation.

Nothing helps quite like a consultation.

Imam Ali quotes on Justice and Equity

Fear the weak one when he is under the banner of justice more than you fear the strong when he is under the banner of injustice. Surely the help will come in the former form, which he does not expect, and the wound he inflicted will never heal.

Whoever acts justly towards those below him will be treated justly by those above him.

Imam Ali quotes on the intellect

The most self-sustaining wealth is the intellect.

The intellect is better than the desire, for the mind makes you a king over your destiny, and desires enslave you over your destiny.

If you want to conclude a book, look through it again, and then you will figure it out only by following your intellect.

Imam Ali quotes on the tongue

Speak, and you will be recognized. Indeed a man lies hidden behind his tongue.

Whoever talks a lot makes many mistakes.

Imam Ali quotes on education

Acquire some knowledge. Indeed it is an adornment for the rich and an aid for the poor.

Life is too short to learn all the attractive knowledge, so learn what inspires you, only what inspires you.

The intellect will never harm its owner, but knowledge without intellect will harm its owner.

Acquire some knowledge, and you will understand through it; act on it, and you will be one of its people.

The man of knowledge is the lamp of Allah on the earth, so if Allah wishes anyone well, he drives light from him.

Angels accompany the one who goes in search of knowledge until he returns.

The ignorant person considers himself knowledgeable, even though he cannot recognize what knowledge is and is tied up in his own opinions.

Imam Ali quotes on the illusion if this world

Remember that this world you covet so ardently and attempt to acquire so earnestly, which sometimes annoys you and sometimes pleases you, is neither your home nor a permanent destination. You have not been created for it, nor invited to it as your resting place. It shall neither remain with you forever nor will you remain in it eternally.

If it has enticed you away with its charms, it has also warned and cautioned you of real dangers lurking in its folds. Take account of the warnings it has given you and does not be seduced or deceived by its allurements. Let these warnings frighten you from being too greedy to possess them. Try to advance towards the place where you are invited for eternal bliss and turn your face away from the vicious world.

Imam ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib (as), from Nahjul Balagha, the Peak of Eloquence.

Imam Ali quotes about Life

How ugly for the one with a handsome face to be ignorant. It is like a beautifully built house in which evil dwells, a garden inhabited by an owl, and a herd of camels being watched by the wolf.

There is no illness more deliberating than lack of intellect.

Good health is hidden wealth.

Beware of relying on wishful thinking. Indeed, it belongs to stupid, foolish, and ignorant people and keeps you away from this world and the next world.

There is no nobility where there is bad behavior.

Holding on to what you have is better for you than going after what others have.

Repel the waves of anxiety with the resolution of patience and the goodness of certainty.

Beware of making friends with a greedy person; indeed, he will sit back when you are in great need of something.

If your hand cannot give in return, then fill your tongue with gratitude.

When you are good to a free man, it makes him give something in return, and when you are good to a worthless man, it encourages him to come back and ask for more.

Imam Ali quotes on good Action

Opportunity passes you by like passing clouds, so seize hold of a chance to do good.

Among the most excellent acts of benevolence is generosity in times of hardships, truthfulness in times of anger, and forgiveness while possessing power.

Imam Ali quotes on Intentions

Whoever does not praise you for your good intentions will not thank you for your beautiful gifts.

Do not look down on anyone who looks ugly or is shabbily dressed. Indeed, Allah, the Exalted, looks at people’s hearts and rewards their actions.

Imam Ali quotes on economics and politics

Do not cheat in your buying and selling, for the respect you lose is worth more than the goods you acquire.

Three things do not last wealth in the hands of someone who is wasteful, a summer cloud, and the anger of someone passionately in love.

Be generous but do not be wasteful, and be thrifty but do not be stingy.

Being well organized with just enough is more satisfying than having too much and being extravagant.

Dealing badly with wealth causes disgust, and dealing poorly with poverty leads to loss of honor.

Imam Ali quotes on patience.

Patience is a beast that does not falter.

Tolerance is the graveyard of defects.

There are two types of patience: Being patient in what you loathe and being patient in what you love.

The resolution of patience extinguishes the fire of desire.

Imam Ali quotes on Quran.

Indeed there is no more need for anyone after reading the Quran, And No more need before reading the Quran.

So use it as a cure for your illness; indeed, there is a cure for the greatest of diseases- infidelity and hypocrisy, deception, and confusion.

You can see by the book of Allah and hear from it. One part of it explains another part of it, and one part of it confirms another part of it. It does not contradict itself about Allah nor create contradictions between companion and Allah.

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