3 Beautiful Dua for Righteous Spouse in Islam

Dua for righteous spouse: Rabbana hablana min azwajina wadhuriyyatina qurrata a’yunin wa-j’alna lil-muttaqina imama.

No one can disagree that the right choice has to be made when it comes to marriage. Most of us give importance to beauty, genealogy, and wealth. There is nothing wrong with it only when these things are given priority over faith. Faith has always been the most essential criterion in the choice of a spouse.

Just like men are advised to make a good choice for their spouse, similarly, the parents or guardians of girls should also consider faith above everything.

The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) advised that when a man with admirable character and faith approaches you for marriage, you should marry him. Failure to do so may lead to significant trials and widespread disruptions on earth.

It is also common to see some family that they do not like the idea that the bridegroom see their daughter before marriage. The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said that when someone wants to marry a woman, if he has the chance to see things that make him want to marry her, he should look. Jabir said he wanted to marry a girl, so he looked at her secretly until he saw things that made him want to marry her. So, he married her. (Source: Book 5, Number 2077)

If your future spouse is afraid of Allah Swt, which means a practicing Muslim, then it is one of the characteristics that makes your marriage more likely to be successful. Some people don’t think about this and don’t take it seriously.

Later in life, they see bad things happening, and we don’t know what will happen except Allah Swt. So, always trust Allah alone and make dua as much as possible because dua can change one’s destiny. Dear brothers and sisters, below we will delve more specifically into best practices regarding righteous spouses according to Islam.

Dua for righteous spouse in arabic

Dua for forgiveness

Relevant hadiths and verse

When Islam gave guidance to people, it also provided a whole set of laws.

“Allah has completed your religion for you today.”

People who believe and read the Quran know that Islam has answers to all legal problems. Abu Dhar said that the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) gave us so much knowledge that we can even understand when a bird changes direction in the sky.

Similarly, Islam has rules for married life. It covers everything to make married life happy and successful.

For people who are not ignorant, it is pretty clear that the enemy has constantly been attacking the concept of the Muslim family. However, for those who don’t know, the practicing Muslim family is the backbone of a prosperous Muslim society. There are many reasons why a boy or girl must decide on their righteous spouse, which must be based on Islamic principles.

Righteous spouse in Islam

We need to learn a few basic things before choosing a righteous spouse according to these principles. This helps prevent problems in the future. Good Muslim partners in Islam should:

  1. They are familiar with Islamic teachings, engage in daily prayers, observe fasting during Ramadan, and fulfill the obligations of giving both zakat and khums.
  2. The righteous spouse in Islam must have a halal source of Income.
  3. Think about important things before getting married.
  4. Do their duties in marriage.
  5. Be practical about married life.
  6. Understand how their spouse thinks and feels.
  7. The righteous spouse in Islam must take care of children.
  8. The righteous spouse in Islam must get along well with others.
  9. The righteous spouse in Islam must solve problems together.
  10. The righteous spouse in Islam must deal with various issues.

Considerations before marriage

Every religion has a characteristic (Khuluq), and the characteristic of Islam is modesty and inhibition (Hhayaa).


When you’re thinking about your future husband or wife

The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said it’s good to see the person you’re going to marry because it helps you love each other and have a better relationship. Not letting your daughter do this goes against what the Prophet (ﷺ) said. (Source)

In truth, what people often feel initially is not love but rather a strong attraction. A study by thepeeq.com found that many people tell lies on their online dating profiles. Here are the top 10 lies:

  • Saying “I’m Slim and petite”
  • Claiming to be “tall, dark, and handsome”
  • Falsely stating the age as 29
  • Pretending to be interested in good wine, live music, and fine dining
  • Describing oneself as sensitive, smart, and funny
  • Expressing eagerness to meet
  • Claiming to only seek friendship after a recent long relationship
  • Stating a preference for the finer things in life
  • Falsely boasting an income of over $250,000/year
  • Claiming to be the CEO of a successful internet startup, enjoying the finer things in life

Thinking about Mahr (a gift from the groom to the bride) and marriage parties

Significant gifts and parties cost a lot of money. It’s better to be in the middle and not do things too fancy. Rich and famous people should set a good example because others copy them.

In Islam, it’s best to be moderate. Some people are too cheap, and others spend too much on the wedding night. Both are not good.

You might ask, “How does this help a good marriage?”

If someone tries to make more money than they can handle and spends too much on the wedding, they might run out of money and start blaming their spouse for everything.

But if they plan wisely and follow the Prophet’s (ﷺ) way, everyone will probably be happier in the end.

Marrital responsibilities

Doing your duties in marriage is important. I’ll tell you a little about what you can expect from your spouse. In the holy Quran, Allah has talked about these things in Quran specifically in Surah An-Nisa verse 34.

Men are supervisors over women because Allah has made some of them superior to others and also because of what they spend from their wealth.

And treat them with kindness.

The Prophet wanted people to be kind to women and stop mistreating them. He told Muslims to respect women and said, “The best among you are those who treat their wives well.” He also said that Muslims shouldn’t hate their wives. If they don’t like something about them, they should focus on something good instead. The Prophet said, “The better a Muslim treats his wife, the stronger his faith is. (Source)

The Husband’s Rights in Marriage.

No Nation can prosper when it relinquishes authority to a woman (Bukhari). This is a general hadith and applies in every household. When a wife asks her husband to be strong and do his job as a leader, as she asks him to provide for the family, it helps make the family more stable.

She should protect herself, his money, and their kids.

When the husband is absent, the wife takes care of the home. In Islam, the most important things for people are honor, money, and kids. The wife is responsible for them and will be asked how she cares for them.

  1. Don’t fast on your own without asking him. 
  2. Don’t let anyone into the house without asking him first.

The rights of a wife over her Husband

Mahr (Gift from the husband) Give gifts to women when you get married, and be kind about it. If they willingly offer you something from the gifts, accept it with happiness and without making it difficult. (Surah AN-Nisa verse 4)

Expenses and residence.

The dad must give the mom of the child food and clothes fairly. Nobody should have to do more than they can. Parents and kids should not suffer because of each other, and the same goes for the family after them. (Surah Al-Baqara 233)

Kindness with good moral character.

As per the hadith of Prophet Muhammad, the best among you is the one who is the best with his family. I am the best among you with my family. 

Being kind to others in Islam has been highly regarded in Surah An-Nisa verse 19. Almighty advised us to be kind: “Believers, it is not permissible to inherit women by compulsion. Do not create hardships for them to reclaim part of the dowry unless they engage in clear immoral conduct, such as adultery. And live with them kindly, for you may dislike something Allah has placed significant goodness within.”

The freedom to sleep and live without disturbance.

For most of us, this is obvious, but for those who overlook this point for a prosperous relationship with their spouse. Many men come late at midnight after having fun with their fun and expect their wife to fulfill their wishes, but according to Islam, these men believe that the wife is merely a servant. That’s what their actions suggest.

Education for spouse in Islam.

In Islam, husbands must teach their wives, which is even more important than giving them food and clothes. This is especially true when wives have yet to learn about Islam. Prophet Muhammad set an example for all believers by teaching his wives.

The Psychological state of a righteous spouse in Islam

Because of not knowing, we often overlook this critical requirement, which is vital for a successful marriage. In Islam, marriage is like an agreement, and when you enter into this agreement, you should think about all the details. If everything aligns with Islamic principles and suits you, then you should proceed with it.

Premarital Relations.

In Islam, there is nothing like dating and it is prohibited all forms of premarital intimacy, including boyfriend and girlfriend (Surah An-Nisa: 25). In Islam, a woman are obliged to cover herself in front of nonmahram men. There are certain situations, such as when a marriage proposal or medical treatment, a witness in court, etc., then a woman is allowed to display their face in front of men.

In Islam, it is not allowed for parents to let their daughter go out alone with her fiancé. This is a rule that must be followed, and there are no exceptions. Sometimes, unfortunately, there are cases where a girl becomes pregnant right after getting engaged, and then the man tells the girl and her parents that he doesn’t want to marry her anymore. It’s important to understand that the engagement ceremony is just a promise to get married, not the marriage itself.

How do I pray to find a good husband?

It is wise to think of having a righteous spouse and similarly pray for it. The best practice that Bibi Fatima Zahra (may Allah be pleased with her), the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), advised for the young generation who wish to get married is to recite five times Surah Yasin after every Fajar prayer.

Salatallayl for righteous spouse in Islam

And the Ahlulbayt a.s. the progeny of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), if they had any wish like getting a righteous child or worldly affair, they used to ask the Almighty Allah in the Tahajjud prayer (Salatallayl). This prayer is potent, and if you pray and ask for anything, it will be granted to you by the mercy of the Almighty, the most merciful if your wish is Halal.


We need to be more intelligent, no matter how much we have studied or worked as the CEO of a multinational company. It is nothing more than a delusion of a person who thinks he is successful and acts on an inner sense (Conscience) of what is right or wrong in their conduct, motives, or intentions if that person’s living principles are not based on Islamic guidance.

Islam guides us to strive for success in both this life and the hereafter. Your spouse is significant in your work and personal life. This message encourages young people to try things out for themselves before just listening to others and doing things without actually trying them.

I hope you liked reading this post. Do not hesitate to comment or share because it motivates us to keep writing! JazakAllah!


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