Guidance and Dua for Pregnancy in Islam: A Blessed Start

Dua for pregnancy and best practices that will change how you think about Islam are further said in this post. Marriage is a contract between the two spouses, held by mutual rights and responsibilities. Per the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), the man is the leader of the house, and the woman is the supportive helper through her expertise in many areas that man cannot handle.

In the Quran, Allah Swt says man and woman both are equal, and they are rewarded equally for their obedience and similar punishment for their disobedience.

Anyone, man or woman, who does good deeds and believes in Allah Swt will be blessed with a good life, and they will be rewarded according to the best of their actions. An-Nahl, verse 97.

Both Men and Women need to understand the divine responsibility and the motive behind the life we have been granted. And to understand the sacred responsibility, we must adhere to certain practices.

I know you’re interested in learning more about dua for pregnancy and the best ways to do it. What I’m sharing here can not only help you have the son or daughter you desire but also help you understand your purpose in life and the blessings from Allah that come with having a newborn.

Duas for a Healthy and blessed pregnancy.

Similar to the time of conception, the thoughts and actions of the mother have a significant influence on the Akhlaq (morals), behavior, and faith of the unborn child. The child is like an organ of the mother, absorbing all the essential elements for development from her. So before conceiving a baby, always recite this dua for pregnancy.

Dua for to get pregnant.

Invoking the name of Allah Swt for your child.

Ar-Rahman (الرحمن), the Most Merciful, his mercy is not limited and extends to all creation; he is Ar-Rahim (الرحيم), the Most Compassionate It means Allah Swt is both kinds and cares about what His creatures need, He is As-Sami‘ (السميع) the All-Hearing that Allah is always attentive and hears everything, He is Al-Wahhab (الوهاب) The Bestower, The Giver of Gifts he is the only source of blessings. He bestows His gifts generously. 

He is Al-Wadud (الودود), The Most Loving, The Most Affectionate, which means that Allah Swt has boundless love and affection for His creation. He is Al-Khaliq (الخالق) The Creator as the Creator. He shows His kindness by making everything exist. 

He is Al-Wali (الولي), The Protecting Friend, The Patron. This name highlights that Allah is the greatest and best friend of believers. He takes care of us and shows us the right path, and being friends with Him gives us a feeling of safety and guidance.

“If you have Allah, you have everything. If you don’t have Allah, you have nothing.”

I wanted to share a little bit about our creator. Indeed, everything we have or see is from him alone. Now all our needs up until this day have been met, who do you think is responsible for it?

If we get into any problems in this life, it is not because Allah is upset with us or he has left us because of our sins. Of course not. He wants to give something; he wants us to come close to him, Wallahi, the peace, the tranquility you will feel once you start believing in the plans of Allah.

Yes, babies begin to learn from the womb. Their sensory experience contributes to their early development, and the influence of a pregnant mother and the environment around her affects that. 

Touch:  Babies in the womb can feel touch from the mother’s movements and external stimuli. 

Movement: Fetuses can move in the womb and respond to various stimuli by moving or kicking. 

Hormonal Influences: The mother’s emotional state can also impact the fetus. 

Hence, these are the best practices that parents must create a positive environment for their upcoming baby and certain things they must avoid, for example: 

  1. Staring at a woman’s private parts during the act can cause blindness in the child.
  2. Talking while engaged in the front (except for remembering Allah) can make the child unable to speak.
  3. If the man has henna on, the child might show characteristics of the opposite gender.
  4. If someone thinks about or desires another woman during the act, it can lead to the child becoming insane.

Dua for Pregnancy in Islam.

It’s crucial for the mother to consistently ensure that her thoughts and actions align with the teachings of Islam and the Ahlul Bayt. This is highly emphasized because the child is not just a part of the family but also a member of society, capable of bringing blessings and benefits.

This approach has played a significant role in the birth of esteemed Saints and scholars who have not only impacted their societies but also left a mark on world history. The purity of two noble prophets, Yahiya bin Zakariya (pbuh) and ˜Isa bin Maryam (pbuh), from the day of their birth, is an example of this.

Dua for to get pregnant.

The power of Intention: Lessons from Allamah Majlisi’s childhood mishap.

When Allamah Majlisi, who compiled Bihar al-Anwar, was a child, he went to a mosque in Isfahan with his father. While his father prayed, Allamah played in the courtyard.

When his father finished praying and came out, he saw that Allamah had poked a needle into a water skin (receptacle used to hold water), causing all the water to spill out.

This upset his father, who thought it must be a consequence of something they did. Back home, the father shared the incident with his wife, saying they needed to figure out the cause.

Despite thinking about their actions before and during conception, halal intake, and other possibilities, the father couldn’t identify a cause. He asked his wife to think about it too.

After pondering, the wife remembered one incident. While pregnant with Allamah, she visited a neighbor’s house with a pomegranate tree. She pricked one of the pomegranates and had a bit of juice.

This small act turned out to be the cause of the later incident with their son.

What to eat during pregnancy in Islam.

The baby inside the mother gets its food from the mother’s blood. So, whatever the mother eats and drinks, in some way, reaches the child. Imam Ali said, “Allah has kept the blood in the mother’s stomach to be the baby’s food (Source:

The power of prayer for conception.

In a hadith reported by Ibn ‘Abbas, the Prophet (ﷺ) advised that during intimate relations with one’s spouse, a person should say: “In the name of Allah. O Allah! Protect us from Satan and prevent Satan from approaching the child you are going to give us.” The Prophet (ﷺ) mentioned that if a child is born as a result of this supplication, Satan will not be able to harm the child. Source: Volume 4, Book 54, Number 493

Acts not recommended durring conception.

Certain actions, known as “Makruh” (discouraged) acts, can have a harmful impact on the child being conceived. It is advised to avoid these actions, especially those mentioned below, as they may negatively affect the child. And some best practices with short dua for pregnancy protection given below.

  1. Looking at the private parts of your wife during sexual intercourse can lead to blindness in the child.
  2. Speaking during the actual act (except for the dhikr of Allah) is not recommended because it leads to dumbness in the child.
  3. If a man puts on henna, the child might show characteristics of the opposite gender, like a girl having traits of a boy or vice versa.
  4. If someone thinks about or wants another woman during the act, it can lead to the child becoming mentally disturbed.
  5. Engaging in intimate activities when a child is present, able to see or hear, may lead to that child facing negative consequences, such as being at risk of hellfire and becoming involved in adultery.
  6. Being intimate when someone else is awake in the house and can witness the act may also result in adverse outcomes for the child, including being at risk of hellfire and becoming involved in adultery.
  7. Having intimate relations while standing might cause the child to experience bedwetting issues.
  8. Engaging in intimate activities on the rooftop may lead to the child becoming hypocritical and holding unconventional beliefs.
  9. Being intimate under a fruit tree may result in the child becoming involved in executions and promoting oppression.
  10. Having intimate relations directly under sunlight may lead to the child facing poverty throughout their life.
  11. Being intimate when the man is in a state of impurity (Janabat) due to sleep and before performing the necessary cleansing (Wudu} or Ghusl) may result in the child developing mental health issues.

Recommended Times for Conception in Islam.

Sunday night (next day, Monday): A child conceived on this night will be content with whatever Allah gives, have an excellent memory, and be a memorizer of the Quran.

Monday night (next day, Tuesday): A child conceived on this night will have the prosperity of Islam, the opportunity of martyrdom, and won’t be punished by the polytheists. They’ll have a good-smelling mouth and a merciful heart, engage in charity, and speak without lies, back-biting, or false accusations.

Wednesday night (next day, Thursday): A child conceived on this night may become a ruler following Shariah or a scholar in matters of religion.

Thursday during the day’s decline: Conceiving at this time is highly recommended. A child conceived then is said to be protected from Satan until old age, with security in both religion and the world.

Thursday night (next day, Friday): A child conceived on this night may become a preacher, orator, and reciter.

Friday after Asr (mid-afternoon): A child conceived at this time may become well-known among wise and learned people.

Friday after Isha (nighttime): A child conceived at this time may belong to the category of suitable people.

1st night of Ramadan: This is also considered a favorable time for conception.

Discouraged and Makruh Times for Intimacy.

Recommended Times:

  • During Menstruation (Nifas).
  • While Fasting in the Month of Ramadan.
  • During the State of ihram (a sacred state assumed during pilgrimage).
  • When it may cause serious harm to either husband or wife.

Makruh (Discouraged Times).

  • Between Subh as-sadiq (Dawn Prayer) and sunrise.
  • Between sunset and the disappearance of redness in the sky.
  • The night of a lunar eclipse.
  • The day of a solar eclipse.
  • At the time of an earthquake (or other events requiring prayer).

Dua for pregnancy protection.

This verse 64 from Surah Al-Isra suggests that Satan encourages people to engage in harmful actions, such as using persuasive speech to mislead them, attacking them physically, and tempting them with the promise of wealth and children.

However, the verse emphasizes that Satan’s promises are only illusions and deceit. It serves as a reminder to be cautious and not be misled by evil forces’ temptations and false promises.

Dua for pregnancy protection.

Best practices and Dua for pregnancy in Islam.

If you want your child to be the righteous and the leader of the faithful, seek this from Allah by making duas and prayers. Both mother and father are recommended to do as many good deeds in Allah’s name, such as praying Namaz-e-Shab (Salatallayl).

  1. Always stay in a state of Wudu, especially during meals. (Recite this Dua before for wudu)
  2. Face the Qibla when engaging in daily activities, mainly eating and drinking. (Recite this Dua before eating)
  3. Avoiding Haram and only eating halal.
  4. Avoiding Non-mehram to maintain modesty from members of the opposite sex who are not closely related.
  5. Give daily Sadaqah (charitable acts) for the protection of your child.
  6. Avoid looking in the mirror at night.
  7. Steer clear of all types of sins, especially back-biting and lies. (Tasbeeh for forgiveness or Dua for forgiveness)
  8. Fulfill all obligatory acts and perform as many recommended acts as possible.
  9. Always say this dua before entering the toilet (Dua for toilet).
  10. Maintain a relaxed demeanor, nurture positive thoughts, and avoid getting angry. (Dua for patience or Dua for happiness)
  11. Obtain necessary information about pregnancy and trust Allah to alleviate worries.
  12. Listen to and recite the Qur’an to help your child become a Hafidh (memorizer) from the womb.
  13. Listen to lectures from scholars.
  14. Perform Ghusl Jummah on 40 Fridays for spiritual benefits. (Benefits of Jumma Mubarak in Islam)
  15. Pray Salatallayl regularly, before Fajr or after Isha if waking up early is challenging. (Namaz-e-Shab)
  16. Eat large raisins on an empty stomach daily for 40 days, reciting Bismillah before each piece.
  17. Remember Allah constantly through dhikr (remembrance of Allah).
  18. Assist others with their needs.
  19. Delight in the faces of pious people and the beauty of nature.
  20. Avoid the company of people with bad manners.
  21. Visit the sacred sites of our Prophet (ﷺ) or Ahlulbayt a.s., or at least greet (Send blessings) on them every morning.
  22. Choose a good name for the child, like Mu¡ammad (ﷺ), Ali a.s., or Fatima (peace be upon her).
  23. Communicate with the child in the womb, fostering a bond that lasts even after birth.

Which Surah is for pregnancy?

These are some of the recommended best dua for pregnancy protection of your child from every evil.

  • Read Surah maryam dua for pregnancy (Chapter 19) every day for a righteous and pious child.
  • Recite Surah Yasin (Chapter 36) 40 times, blowing on a pomegranate and eating it each time.
  • Recite Surah Yusuf (Chapter 12) 40 times, blowing on an apple and eating it each time.
  • Before sleeping on Thursday or any night, recite Surahs: al-hadid (57), al-h
  • After the morning prayer, recite Surah al-Taw¡|d (Chapter 112) 50 times daily.
  • After the morning prayer, recite Surah al-Qadr (Chapter 97) 50 times daily.ashr (59), al-Taghabun (64), al-Jumuah (62), and al-Saff (61) 40 times.
  • For a pious child, recite Surah al-Anbiy (Chapter 21) continuously at least once a week.
  • Recite 40 times Ziyarat Ashura including 100 curses and 100 salaams and Dua Alqamah; if not possible, 10 times will suffice.
  • Recite Ziyarat of Imam Mahdi (peace be upon him) 40 times.
  • Recite Hadith al-Kisa 40 times.


Best practices and Dua for pregnancy might seem like a lot, but it’s effective and proven. Just remember, you get the results of what you put in. There are many steps to follow, but you can start slowly and gradually increase. Thank you for reading this post, and I pray that Almighty Allah blesses each of you with what is best for you! Thank you so much! Please share !


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