Ziyarat Warith with 15 benefits.

Ziyarat Waritha is very beneficial for every aspect of life. It is a greeting to our Imam. From Alim-e-deen, it has been noted that this ziyarat is very effective when someone wants to pay off their debt.

We are so blessed to have Prophet Muhammad () and His Progeny () because they are so generous and loving for their ummah. We don’t know how to react in certain situations, get angry because of minor problems, and neglect our Prophet’s teachings ().

The main problem is our Iman (Belief) in Allah and his Prophet and Ahl al-Bayt. If we sincerely wholeheartedly weep and recite this Ziyarat, It can do wonders for us beyond our Imagination.

This Ziyarah can bring the believer closer to Allah in ways we cannot Imagine. Allah wants to give us spiritual power, but we in this worldly life are so distracted.

Believe me, my dear brothers and sisters. If we face problems, Allah wants to give us something, not because Allah SWT is angry.

Ziyarat warith transliteration.

“As-salamu ‘alayka ya Aba Abdullah. As-salamu ‘alayka ya ibna Rasoolillah. As-salamu ‘alayka wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

As-salamu ‘alayka ya waritha Adam, safwatillah. As-salamu ‘alayka ya waritha Nuh, nabiyyillah. As-salamu ‘alayka ya waritha Ibrahim, Khalilillah. As-salamu ‘alayka ya waritha Musa, Kalimillah. As-salamu ‘alayka ya waritha ‘Isa, ruhilillah. As-salamu ‘alayka ya waritha Muhammad, Habibillah.

As-salamu ‘alayka ya waritha ‘Ali, amir al-mu’minin, waliyillah. As-salamu ‘alayka ya ibna Muhammad, al-Mustafa. As-salamu ‘alayka ya ibna ‘Ali, al-Murtadha. As-salamu ‘alayka ya bna Fatimata az-Zahra. As-salamu ‘alayka ya ibna Khadijah al-Kubra. As-salamu ‘alayka ya thara Allah wa bna tharihi.

Wal-witr al-mawtura. Ashhadu annaka qad aqamta as-salata wa atayta az-zakata wa amarta bil-ma’rufi wa nahayta ‘anil-munkari wa ata’ta Allah wa rasulah hatta atayakal-yaqin. Fala’ana Allah ummatan qatalatk, wa la’ana Allah ummatan zalamatk, wa la’ana Allah ummatan sami’at bidhalik fardiyyat bih.

Ya Mawla, ya Aba Abdullah, ash-hadu annaka kuntan nuran fil-aslabi ash-shamikhah wal-arhamil-mutahharah, lam tunajjiskal-jahiliyyatu bi-anjasihah, wa lam tulbiskamin mudlahimat thiyyabihah.

Ashhadu annaka min da’aimid-din, wa arkani-l-mu’minin. Ashhadu annaka-l-Imamal-bar, at-taqiyyu, ar-ruhi, az-zaki, al-hadi, al-mahdi. Ashhadu anna-l-a’immata min waladik kalimatut-taqwa, a’lamul-huda, al-‘urwatul-wuthqa, al-hujjatu ‘ala ahlid-dunya.

Ushhidu Allah wa malaa’ikatah, wa anbiyaa’ah, wa rusulah, anni bikum mu’minun, wa bi-ayyabikum muqinin bisharai’deeni wa khawatimi ‘amali, wa qalbi li-qalbikum salmun, wa amri li-amrikum muttabi’un. Salawatu Allahi ‘alaykum wa ‘ala arwahikum wa ‘ala ajasadi-kum wa ‘ala ajasamikum wa ‘ala shahidikum wa ‘ala gha’ibikum wa ‘ala dhahirikum wa ‘ala batinikum.”

Ziyarat warith video.

Ziyarat Warith in English.

“Peace be upon you, O Aba Abdillah. May peace be upon you, O son of the Messenger of Allah. May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you.” Source: al-rida.net

Peace be upon you, O heir of Adam, the chosen one of Allah. Peace be upon you, O successor of Noah, the Prophet of Allah. Peace be upon you, O successor of Abraham, the friend of Allah. Peace be upon you, O heir of Moses, the one to whom Allah spoke. Peace be upon you, O heir of Jesus, the spirit of Allah.

Peace be upon you, O heir of Muhammad, the beloved of Allah. Peace be upon you, O heir of Ali, the leader of the faithful and the friend of Allah. Peace be upon you, O son of Muhammad, the chosen one. Peace be upon you, O son of Ali, the approved one.

Peace be upon you, O son of Fatimah, the radiant one. Peace be upon you, O son of Khadijah, the great one. Peace be upon you, O saviour of Allah and the son of His avenger.

I bear witness that you established prayers, gave charity, enjoined good, and forbade evil. You obeyed Allah and His Messenger until certainty came to you. May Allah’s curse be upon the nation that killed you, may Allah’s curse be upon the nation that wronged you, and may Allah’s curse be upon the nation that heard of it and were pleased with it.

O my master, O Aba Abdullah, I bear witness that you were the light in pure and sanctified wombs. Ignorance did not defile you with its impurity, nor did it clothe you in the garments of its ignorance.

I bear witness that you are among the pillars of the faith and the foundations of the believers. I bear witness that you are the Imam of purity, the content one, the pure one, the guide, and the guided one.

I bear witness that the Imams from your lineage are embodiments of purity, banners of guidance, strongholds of loyalty, and proofs against the people of the world. I bear witness before Allah, His angels, His Prophets, and His messengers that I believe in you, and I am steadfast in following the teachings of your religion. My heart is at peace with yours, and my actions align with yours.

May Allah’s blessings be upon you, upon your souls, upon your bodies, upon your witnesses, upon your absent ones, upon your manifest ones, and upon your hidden ones.”

Source: Ziyarat Warith.


Ziyarat Waritha PDF Download.

Ziyarat waritha pdf can be downloaded here.

Benefits of Ziyarat Warith.

  • This Ziyarat Warith is very effective for paying off debts. Every morning, stand in front of the house’s main door and recite this Ziyarat Warith with the intention of paying debts. Inshallah, you will see the benefits very soon.
  • This Ziyarat Warith is also effective for providing Barakh in your earnings. Trust me, you will soon realize how fast your situation has changed.
  • Ziyarat Warith also provides the safety of your life whenever you recite this Ziyarat Warith with the Intention that you will return safely home.
  • Ziyarat Warith is also a message for believers. When we recite this Ziyarat Warith, we send greetings to the martyrs of Karbala, and as we all know, when we greet someone in Islam, it becomes compulsory to respond.
  • When you start your day with this Ziyarat, you will realize how beautiful your day went. After Fajr Salah, when you recite this Ziyarat means or Send greetings to the Ahlul-bayt and Shaheed-e-Karbala, they all respond to you. And then you can ask for anything, and it will be fulfilled.
  • This Ziyarat is so effective it can protect you from any evil thing. If recited daily, it will do just wonders.

How do you perform Ziyarat Ashura without wudu?

Yes, you can recite Ziyarat Ashura and Ziyarat Warith without being in the state of ablution. Though wudu is not compulsory, I recommend being in the proper state when reciting Ziyarat Ashura and Ziyarat Warith. Islam emphasizes piety (consciousness and mindfulness of God’s presence and commands), and the Ahlul-Bayt are highly revered in Islam as spiritual leadership, knowledge, and purity.

When we recite these Ziyarat, it is like we are speaking to the Imam, as we all know that this Ziyarat starts from “اَلسَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكَ يَا أَبَا عَبْدِ ٱللَّهِ.” Thus, being in proper sense and taqwa is necessary because we are Muslims.

What is forbidden in Ashura?

As per the guidance of many Maraja (highest-ranking religious authorities), we should distinguish between actions that disrespect the sanctity of these months, such as celebrations and marriages, which should not happen during Muharram and Safar. On the other hand, activities like buying new clothes or a new house should be avoided on specific days within these two months.

Things considered haram on the day of Ashura or in these two months, Muharram and Safar.

  1. Celebrations.
  2. Marriage.
  3. Music and Entertainment.
  4. Extravagance.
  5. Frivolous Behavior.
  6. Excessive Eating and Drinking.
  7. Neglecting Prayers and Religious Obligations.
  8. Public Displays of Joy.
  9. Disrespecting the Ahlul Bayt.
  10. Ignoring Acts of Charity and Kindness.
  11. Fasting on the day of Ashura.

What is the reward of Ziyarat-e-Imam Husain a.s.?

Imam Husain () is the king of Paradise, and to visit him in return, you get nothing from the king of Paradise. Thousands of angels come to pay tribute to Imam Husain a.s daily.

“Indeed, in the hearts of the believers, there is an enduring fervor regarding the martyrdom of Husain (a.s.) that never diminishes.”

If the pilgrims of Ziyarat-e-Imam Husain a.s. will tell their own stories of the benefits of visiting Imam Husain a.s. Every individual who has been to Arbaeen or on regular days has felt a divine connection between the Shrine and their soul.

I have seen people’s eyes saying O Aba Abdillah, and I cannot see; I am blind. Please help me so that I can see your beautiful Shrine. This was the phrase Zair (Pilgrim) uttered, and he started weeping so loud that everybody asked him If everything was Okay. He replied O, my Master, I can see now. Thank You.

To visit the grave of Imam Husain a.s. is one of the most recommended deeds for a believer. Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (a.s.) conveyed to Muhammad bin Muslim, “Guide our Shi’ah to the practice of visiting the grave of Husayn bin Ali (a.s.), for Allah, the Mighty, the Sublime, has made it obligatory upon every believer who acknowledges Husayn (a.s.) as their Imam.”

Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) emphasized that “When any of you embark on the Hajj pilgrimage and neglect to visit the shrine of Imam Husayn (a.s.), you forsake one of the rights bestowed by Allah, which belongs to every Muslim.”

Protection on the Day of Judgment:

  • RasoolAllah will take the visitors by the hand and save them from the hardships of the Day of Judgment.

Blessings from Angels:

  • There are four thousand angels by the grave of Husain (a.s.) who weep over him and accompany visitors, even in illness and at funerals.

Obligation (Wajib):

  • Performing the Ziyarat of Imam Husain is considered obligatory (wajib) for every believer who acknowledges him as their divinely appointed Imam.

Abundance of Rewards:

  • Those who visit Imam Husain’s grave will have their sins forgiven, past and future, and receive abundant rewards from Allah.
  • Allah will honor them, and Hellfire will be kept away from them.

Protection During Times of Fear:

  • Visitors should pay attention to the Ziyarat of Husain even in times of fear, as it brings immense benefits and blessings.

Financial Rewards:

  • Every dirham spent on the Ziyarat of Imam Husain is rewarded with a thousand dirhams.

Increased Blessings for Walking:

  • Those who visit on foot receive even greater rewards, with one thousand good deeds and one thousand sins forgiven for every step taken.

Intercession and Blessings from Ahlul Bayt:

  • Syeda Fatima, Ameerul Momineen, and other members of Ahlul Bayt seek forgiveness for those who visit the grave of Imam Husain.

Prolongs Life and Increases Sustenance:

  • Ziyarat prolongs life, increases sustenance, and keeps afflictions away.

Equivalent to Hajj, Umrah, and More:

  • Visiting Imam Husain’s grave is equivalent to performing accepted Hajj and Umrah and emancipating slaves.

Protection on the Day of Judgment:

  • Visitors will be given preference on the Day of Judgment and will enter Jannah earlier than others.

Ease of Death and Vision of Allah:

  • Those who visit while recognizing the greatness of Imam Husain and with love for Allah, RasoolAllah, and Ahlul Bayt will have their sins purified and may have the opportunity to see Allah on the Day of Judgment.

Forgiveness Like Water Cleanses Clothes:

  • Visiting with sincerity purifies sins like water cleanses clothes.

Most Beloved Place for Dua:

Allah loves to be worshipped at the Ha’yr (shrine) of Imam Husain.

Recommended Frequency of Ziyarat:

  • Those living nearby should visit at least once a month, and those at a distance should visit at least once every three years.

What do you Pray on Ashura day?

Imam al-Baqir (‘a) states, “Whoever visits al-Husayn ibn ‘Ali (‘a) on the tenth of Muharram, which is the ‘Ashura’ Day, and remains there weeping, will, on the Day of Meeting with Allah, receive a reward equivalent to having performed two thousand hajj pilgrimages, two thousand ‘umrah pilgrimages, and having participated with the Holy Messenger of Allah and the Holy Imams in two thousand campaigns.”

The inquirer asked, “What should those who live in remote areas and cannot physically visit the tomb on that day do?”

Imam (‘a) advised, “For those who cannot visit the Shrine of Imam-al-Husain a.s, they can go to an open area or ascend to a high point in their homes. From there, they can wave in the direction of Imam al-Husayn (‘a) as a form of greeting, fervently invoke curses upon those who wronged him, and then perform a two-unit prayer.

This should be done before midday (Zohar). They can then mourn and weep for Imam al-Husayn (‘a) and encourage those in their households to do the same unless they fear for their safety due to certain individuals in their midst. Mourning gatherings can be held within their homes, and they should express their grief for Imam al-Husayn (‘a).

They can console one another on this tragic occasion of Imam al-Husayn’s suffering. If they follow these instructions, I guarantee them the rewards I mentioned earlier.”

‘May Allah increase our rewards and your rewards through our mourning for al-Husayn (‘a) and make us among those who seek his revenge, along with the Imam al-Mahdi from the family of Muhammad (‘a).'”

Try not to leave your house on that day to fulfill any personal needs, for ‘Ashura’ is a cursed day, and no true believer’s needs are fulfilled. Even if fulfilled, they will lack blessings.

Furthermore, whatever is saved on this day will be void of blessings, as will be the case for the family members.

By observing these practices, they will receive the reward of a thousand hajj pilgrimages, a thousand ‘umrah pilgrimages, and participation in a thousand campaigns with the Holy Messenger of Allah.

Can we recite Ziyarat Ashura in Periods?

Indeed, it is perfectly fine for a woman to recite Ziyarat Ashura or Ziyarat Warith even when she is experiencing her menstrual period. It’s important to remember that repeating these Ziyarat continuously for forty days is a practice believed to be a means of Allah’s acceptance of one’s request.


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