Benefits of reciting Ziyarat Ashura for 40 days

Ziyarat Ashura is a Shia Muslim prayer that mourns the martyrdom of Imam Husain (a.s), the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), who was killed in the Battle of Karbala in 680 AD. Reciting this prayer for 40 continuous days is a religious practice among Shia Muslims and is believed to bring unimaginable spiritual benefits.

The benefits that are commonly cited include the following:

  • Forgiveness of his/her sins: It has been believed that reciting Ziyarat Ashura for 40 days can lead to the forgiveness of one’s sins, no matter how big or small the sin.
  • Nearness to Imam Husayn: The Ziyarat Ashura is believed to bring the reciter closer to Imam Husain (a.s) and to increase their spiritual connection with him.
  • Blessings and reward: It is said that the reciter will be blessed and rewarded for their devotion to Imam Husain (a.s) for remembering his martyrdom.
  • Increase in spiritual awareness: Reciting, being around the mourners, and hearing the lectures may help the reciter become more spiritually conscious and better understand the importance of what unfolded at Karbala.
  • Help to overcome personal struggles or difficulties: Many believers find relief and comfort in reciting the ziyarat  Ashura and discover that it aids them in conquering personal hardships or difficulties.

A man like me cannot obey a man like yazid.

Imam Husain

Ziyarat Ashura for 40 days

This is a very effective Amal to be performed for 40 days straight without missing it. Don’t doubt it; just do your part as told. I have also attached a document with clear instructions. Click here to download it.

Precautions for 40 Days Ziyarat Amal:

Time Frame:

  • Perform any time after sunrise and before sunset.
  • Complete all steps in one go, allowing for toilet breaks if necessary.


  • Refrain from talking until all steps are completed.

Hydration and Nutrition:

  • You may drink only water, but no food is allowed if needed.

Avoiding Sins:

  • Stay vigilant to avoid all sins throughout the 40 days.


  • Do not doubt the efficacy of the Ziyarat.

Time Allocation:

  • Allocate at least 1 hour 20 minutes to complete the process.


  • Perform while in a state of Wudu.


  • Do not disclose to anyone except household members, if necessary.


  • Finish the full 40 days even if your wish is granted before then.

Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) Said

“The difficulties I faced were unlike those of earlier Prophets.”

Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) on Ziyarat Ashura

Ziyarat Ashura was sent down to Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) by Allah through Angel Jibrail to console him for the tragedy of Karbala.

According to the Ayatollah Shaikh Iraqi, the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), apart from all other pains, refers to the cause of great suffering, unlike others and unique in particular. The great tragedy of Karbala, where the cruel treatment meted out to the Aahlul Bayt a.s after the demise of the Prophet (ﷺ).

Allah has already informed our beloved Prophet through Angel Jibrail about the hardships of Karbala, which has always made the Prophet (ﷺ) very grievous and sorrowful. So to console the Prophet, Allah has revealed the Ziyarat Ashura. Allah taught the Prophet (ﷺ) about its enormous benefits to this world.

Allah has guaranteed the reciters of Ziyarat Ashura to fulfill wishes for the love of Ahlul Bayt a.s.

Renowned Shia Scholars like Ayatollah Sistani have reaped enormous benefits by reciting Ziyarat Ashura in hardships and difficulties.

Ziyarat Ashura Benefits.

Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq as from his father, Imam Mohd Baqir a.s from his father, Imam Zainul-Abideen a.s
and he from his father Imam Husain a.s and Imam Ali a.s and like this Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) and Prophet himself from Jibrail and he Got himself from Allah.

According to our Imam Mahdi a.s. to Sayed-e- Rashdi, why don’t you recite Ziyarat Ashura?
Never leave this Ziyarat Ashura because there is numerous benefit in this world and hereafter.

Most of us have seen that you can fulfill your dua by reciting this Ziyarat every day because Allah has promised in the Name of Imam Husain a.s whoever recites Ziyarat Ashura his all dua will be fulfilled.

According to Imam Sadiq to Safwan, Recite this Ziyarat always and never leave this Ziyarat. Whoever recites this Ziyarat from anywhere in the world, Imam Husain a.s will accept his Ziyarat and be the closest follower of our 12th Imam.

What is Ashura in Islam?

It is one of the most important dates in Islamic history. It carries a spiritual and historical significance to all humans. 

It is one of the saddest days in Islamic history.

On the 10th day of Muharram (Ashura), the Grandson of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) Imam Husain a.s with his 72 companions in the land of Karbala got martyred. It happened because Imam husain and his follower did not pledge his oath of allegiance to the corrupt ruler of that time, Known as Yazid ibn Mauwiyah.

At the time of Prophet Muhammad, (ﷺ) Abu Sufiyan, the father of Mauwiyah, tried to kill Prophet Muhammad. After the Prophet passed away, Mauwiyah took over Syria and tried to fool people in the name of Islam.

As per Mauwiyah, he wanted to be the leader of the whole Islamic world and start a war to establish his region further in Syria.

To Protect the Islamic nation from the corrupt government of Mauwiyah, Imam Ali a.s also the cousin of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) and the righteous appointed leader of the Muslims, was against Mauwiyah in every way to protect the Muslims and humanity.

Imam Ali tried to solve this conflict without fighting, but Mauwiyah never listened. Sadly imam Ali was Martyred when praying Fajr Salah.

For Justice and Peace soon after the death of Imam Ali a.s, the second Imam after Imam Ali among the twelve Imam Hazrat Hassan Ibn Ali (Rightly chosen), signed a peace treaty with Mauwiyah.

According to that treaty 

  • Mauwiyah needs to rule according to Quran.
  • He was not allowed to hurt Prophet Muhammad’s (ﷺ) Family.
  • After his death, he will not choose the next ruler.

However, Mauwiyah broke his promise and Poisoned Imam Hassan so that he could make his bad son Yazid the Leader after him. 

Yazid then forced Imam husain to obey him or else he will kill him.

Imam Husain is the third Imam and the son of Imam Ali a.s and Lady Fatima a.s, daughter of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). Imam husain a.s is one of the members of the pure family of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) chosen by Allah. The same family that the angels of Allah visited on many occasions.

Miracles of Ziyarat Ashura

Recitation of Ziyarat on Behalf of Imam Mahdi

The author of Abqariyyul Hisan, Shaykh Ali Akbar Nahavandi, has recorded Sayyed Ahmed about Ziyarat Ashura, who said

The narrator states that one day he was seated in the corner of Masjid e Sahla. Suddenly I noticed a Sayyed entering the room wearing a black turban (amamah).

That Sayyed, with charismatic eyes, looked at me and came towards me and said, ‘Since you recite Ziyarat Ashura every day for Imam e Zamana (a.s), take your sustenance (monthly expenses) so that you don’t have to depend on Anyone and he handed me some cash and said it would be enough for your monthly expense.

Soon after he left,

When he was there, I couldn’t talk because my mouth was numb and my legs were paralyzed. I couldn’t move until he left.

Since that day I have been looking for him and can’t find him.

Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)

Hussain is from me, and I am from Husain.

Hassan and Husain are the leaders of youth in Paradise.

Whoever hurts Husain has hurt me.

Despite claiming to be the leader of the Islamic community, Yazid was recognized as an unfair ruler who committed countless acts of evil. He did not follow Islamic principles and instead conveyed a poor image of the faith, undermining Prophet Muhammad’s (ﷺ) teachings and the ideals he intended to establish in his followers.

Imam Husain a.s followed the path of Prophet (ﷺ) and said:

With Imam Husain’s knowledge, courage, piety, and honesty with everything Imam had he stood up against this corrupt ruler and his establishment.

The main reason for Imam Husain’s mission was to bring back the Islam that his Grandfather, Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), brought.

To pay respect to his friends and family every year, we commemorate Ashura in the remembrance of Imam Husain a.s and his family members.

What should I read on Ashura day?


These should be done after the Subh prayer but before the Zohar prayers. According to our 6th Imam Hazrat Jafar e, Sadiq a.s whoever does the Aamal of Ashura will receive a reward similar to Hajj, and Allah has promised to protect that person throughout the year. Since the Aamaal of Aashura is known to be very effective in fulfilling wishes and removing difficulties, it can be performed anytime during the year.

  1. Recite four Raka’ats, divided into two prayers, in the following manner :

In the first prayer: In the first Raka’at, after Sura al-Fatihah, recite Sura al-Kafiroon. In the second Raka’at, after Sura al-Fatihah, recite Sura al-Ikhlas.

In the second prayer: After Sura al-Fatihah, recite Sura al-Ahzaab. In the second Raka’at, after Sura al-Fatihah, recite Sura al-Munafiqun.

  1. Ziyarat of Aashura.
  2. Two raka’ats for Ziyarat of Aashura.
  3. Du’a of ‘Alqamah.
  4. Repeat this phrase while swaying back and forth seven times.

اِنَّا لِلّٰهِ وَ اِنَّا اِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُوْنَ۔ رِضًا بِقَضَآئِه وَتَسْلِيْمًا لِاَمْرِه

  1. Ziyarat of Ta’ziyah. We express our condolences to the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.), Imam ‘Ali (a.s.), Bibi Fatima (s.a.), and Imam Hasan (a.s.) at the death of Imam Husayn (a.s.). It is usually recited after ‘Asr when Imam Husain(a.s.) was martyred before sunset.


The tenth night of Muharram, or the Shab e Ashura, is one of the most important nights during the Islamic calendar year.

Sayyid ibn Taymiyyah (d. 1328) mentions several supplications and many supplications that are advisable and recommended to be made during the 10th night of Muharram. He has also said the benefits of praying and making supplication. For example, it is recommended to recite 100 units of prayers from Surah al-Faatihah once and Surah Al Tawheed three times. After accomplishment, the doxological statements are repeated seventy times:

سُبْحَانَ اللّٰهِ وَ الْحَمْدُ لِلّٰهِ وَ لَاۤ اِلٰهَ اِلَّا اللّٰهُ وَ اللّٰهُ اَكْبَرُ وَ لَا حَوْلَ وَ لَا قُوَّةَ اِلَّا بِاللّٰهِ الْعَلِيِّ الْعَظِيْمِ۔

Another narration says one should implore Almighty Allah’s forgiveness after making these statements.
You should recite Surat al-Fatihah once and repeat Ayah al-Kurssi and Surahs al-‘Alaq, al-Falaq, and al-Na’am ten times each. After completion, Surat al-Tawhid is recited 100x.

You should also pray for four units with Surat al-Fātihah once and Surat al-Tawḥīd fifty hundred times (s). Matching the prayer of Imam Ali Ameer al-Momineen(a.s.), which brings about a tremendous reward, Sayyid Ibn Tawus says after citing this prayer, “When you finish the fourth units, you may mention Almighty Allah, invoke blessings upon the Holy Prophet and his Household, and curse their enemies as many times as possible.

It is reported that whoever spends the whole night worshipping God (Allah) will be regarded as having worshipped Him with the worship of all angels. Moreover, to perform acts of worship at this time is equivalent to seventy years of worship.

Furthermore, as for one who visits the grave of Imam al-Hussain (as) at this time and stays there until dawn, God shall raise him from his grave on the day of judgment, covered with the blood of Imam Hussain (as).


Ziyarat Ashura, though it is also known as the Hadees e Qudsi, and by Allah, no Ziyarat is considered to have the same superiority and value as Ziyarat Ashura. Though in my personal life, I have experienced it myself, like many others, by reciting it every day after Isha salah. I have changed so much, and my life is much easier now than it used to be. I recommend reciting Ziyarat Ashura once every week, if not every day.

Please make sure to read each step carefully and don’t skip any. For girls or women who can’t do it consistently for 40 days, they can ask someone else (like a Sheikh, mother, or daughter) to continue for them.

Just remember not to disclose your Hajats to anyone. I hope this is clear now. If you still have any questions or doubts, feel free to contact me via email at And dear brothers and sisters, please remember me in your Dua’s too.



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