Unveiling the reality the Day of Judgement foretold in the holy Quran

Indeed, the Day of Judgement is the reality and will come when Ever-Living, Self-sustaining will cause all life and living beings to Perish, which he has warned us already in the holy Quran.

Every being on earth is bound to perish. Only your Lord Himself, full of Majesty and Honour, will remain forever.

(Ar-Rahman verses 26 and 27).

Allah () will bring all His followers back and wake them up. He’ll make them stand before Him and talk to them about what they did before everyone would be held responsible for their actions in this world.

Everyone will feel terrified on that special Day, and no one can run away except those who believe in Allah () and do good things. When the Day is over, people will go to a super nice place called Paradise or a not-so-nice place called Hell (Jahannam).

Other names of the Day of Judgement 

This name has been mentioned in the seventy times in Holy Quran for example:  

1- Yawm al-Qiyaamah (The Day of Resurrection)  

Allah! Laa ilaaha ilia Huwa [none has the right to be worshipped but He].  Allah (), there is no god worthy of worship except Him. He will certainly gather all of you together on the Day of Judgment about which there is no doubt. And whose word is more truthful than Allah ()

(Surah An-Nisa – 87

Everything in this world will come to an end, like plants, animals, and people, all living beings. The only One who will always exist is Allah, the most merciful and who is full of greatness and honor. This reminds us of the importance of relying on Allah alone for everything we need; indeed, he is our creator.

These are some other names mentioned in the Holy Quran: 

2- Al-Yawm al-Aakhir 

3- As-Saa ‘ah (The Hour) 

The Resurrection (day of Judgement) will be a new creation.

Allah () will order the angels to bring back the souls of His followers in a different way from how we are in this world. In this new form, His followers won’t experience death, no matter what challenges they face. It shows that Allah () is Rahman towards His creation.

And remember when your Lord proclaimed, If you are grateful, I will certainly give you more. But if you are ungrateful, surely My punishment is severe.

(Surah Ibrahim verse 7)

Mu’aadh ibn Jabal, a companion of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), shared a message with Banu Awd. He said, “I come as a messenger of the Messenger of Allah (). You’ll be brought back to life by Allah and then sent to either Paradise or Hell.  

Afterlife is different from this world

There, you’ll stay forever, never dying, in bodies that won’t age.” Another account of this is found in various sources.  

In the afterlife, people will experience extraordinary things, like seeing angels and jinn, and those in Paradise won’t need to spit, defecate, or urinate. 

Deniers of the day of Judgement 

Allah says: Now, if anything should amaze you O Prophet, then it is their question: When we are reduced to dust, will we really be raised as a new creation?

It is they who have disbelieved in their Lord. It is they who will have shackles around their necks. And it is they who will be the residents of the Fire. They will be there forever.

(Surah Ar-Ra’d verse 5)

Signs of the day of Judgement 

The Hour is sure to come. My Will is to keep it hidden, so that every soul may be rewarded according to their efforts.  (Surah Taha – 15

  • For Muslims, the major proof of the Day of Judgement is seeing the fulfilment of Prophecies done by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) 1400 years ago. 
  • The Quran tells us otherwise about Prophet Jesus, that he wasn’t put on the cross as some stories say. Instead, the Quran says he went up to the sky by the will of Allah. 
  • The Quran predicts Jesus’ return, emphasizing his role in the final days, aligning with anticipating a future Resurrection. 
  • Muslims find proof in miraculous signs mentioned in the Quran, like the appearance of Imam Mahdi, whose prophecies have been fulfilled. 
  • Islam encourages us, believers to have faith in the unseen, including the Resurrection, for those who know must also have been blessed by the grace of the Almighty.

The grasping of the earth and the rolling up of the heavens 

They did not recognize the true worth of Allah. (Such is Allah’s power that) on the Day of Resurrection, the whole earth will be in His grasp, and the heavens shall be folded up in His Right Hand.

Glory be to Him! Exalted be He from all that they associate with Him.

(Surah Az-Zumar 67

This verse tells us that some people don’t truly understand how great Allah is. Imagine, on the Day of Resurrection, the entire Earth will be under His control, and even the heavens will be folded up in His Right Hand.  

This shows how mighty and impressive Allah is. Literally, I can’t even imagine the situation of those disbelievers and their situation on that promised day. Indeed, it is a significant loss. 

The day when Earth Crushed, Mountains Blown Away

Our Lord tells us that on the Day of Judgement when the Trumpet is blown, this stable earth of ours, with its strong and heavy mountains, will be crushed with a single crushing:  

At last, when the Trumpet will be blown with one blast, and the earth and mountains will be lifted up and crushed with one blow, on that Day the Inevitable Event will have come to pass.

(Surah Al-Haqqah – 13-15)

Quranic Revelation: Two-Color River Miracles

“Two-Color River” these rivers run next to each other without mixing right away. 

He merges the two bodies of fresh and salt water, yet between them is a barrier they never cross.

(Surah Ar-Rahman verse 19-20). 

This river was talked about in the Quran 1400 years ago. The fact that we discovered it much later is a clear sign of Allah’s wisdom. Isn’t this proof enough of the Promised Day?

Their humiliation, regret and despair  

If you think about the Quran and Sunnah, you’ll find descriptions of the Day of Resurrection. It shows how disbelievers and wrongdoers will face big troubles and disasters on that critical Day. 

Allah says in the Quran about the state of disbelievers when they rise from their graves: 

The Day they will come forth from the graves swiftly, as if racing to an idol for a blessing˺, with eyes downcast, utterly covered with disgrace. That is the Day they have always been warned of

(Surah Al-Ma’arij 43-44). 

This part tells us how fast they will come out of their graves on that Day, hurrying towards the sound like they used to rush to their stone altars in this world.  

But on that Day, it won’t be a joyful rush like before. Instead, they’ll be humble, with lowered eyes and their pride taken away, just as Allah warned them in this life.

The Believers During Hisab Kitab

On the Day of Hisab Kitab (“accounting” or “reckoning” in English), it will be short and easy for the believers, and they will receive special privileges to ease the difficulties of that day by the grace of Allah the most merciful and of course his beloved Prophet Muhammad ().  

Now, let’s talk about some of these privileges. 

On the Day of Assembly and Judgment, the righteous will find shade under Allah’s Throne, protecting them from the heat which would be unbearable for any human being.  

The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) mentioned seven types of people who will be sheltered in the shade of Allah’s Throne when there is no other shelter: 

1. A just leader. 

2. A young person who grew up worshipping Allah. 

3. Someone whose heart is deeply connected to places of Sujood (Like a Masjid). 

4. Two individuals who love each other for Allah’s sake meet and part ways with that love. 

5. A man is invited (to sin) by a woman of influence and beauty but he responds, “Indeed, I fear Allah. 

6. Someone who gives charity so secretly that even their left-hand doesn’t know what the right hand is giving. 

7. A man who mentions Allah in private, and his eyes overflow with tears. 

A good Muslim can fall into one or more of these categories, but it’s ideal to strive to embody all of them. We love praying to Allah, cherish friendships for the sake of Allah and goodness, shed tears out of love, hope, or fear of Allah, generously give to charity, and lead with justice and righteousness in our roles as parents, older siblings, teachers, and bosses.


The Journey of Bani Adam started when the Devil refused to prostrate to the prophet Adam. And it will continue until the day of judgment when everyone will be brought forward for their actions in this world.

The best thing as Muslims we can do is to remember Allah swt every second of our life and do as we have been told by the Prophet Muhammad.

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