Find peace within: 7 powerful dua for forgiveness

Dua for forgiveness of sins in Islam is a specific verse from the holy Quran. Many particular verses from the Holy Quran can be recited to ask for forgiveness from the Almighty Allah SWT. These different verses can be seen in the below table.

Key takeaways.

KeywordQuranic Verse
Dua for forgiveness before sleepSurah Al-Imran (3:8)
Dua for forgiveness of major sinsSurah Az-Zumar (39:53)
Dua for forgiveness from AllahSurah Al-Qasas (28:16)
Dua for forgiveness of zinaSurah Al-Imran (3:135)
Dua for forgiveness from zinaSurah Al-Imran (3:135)

The story of Prophet Adam and Eve and Allah’s warning.

The story of Satan’s misbehavior with Allah began when Satan refused to prostrate to Prophet Adam. This story is found in the Holy Quran. Source: Surah Al-A’raf 11-12.

Indeed, We created you, then We formed you, and then We said to the angels, “Prostrate to Adam,” they all prostrated except for Satan; he was not among those who prostrated.

“Why didn’t you prostrate when I commanded you to?” Satan responded, “I believe I am superior to him; You fashioned me from fire, while You molded him from clay.”

Allah SWT said, “Why didn’t you bow down when I told you to?” [Satan] replied, “I’m better than him. You made me from fire and him from clay.” Allah SWT said, “Leave Paradise; your pride doesn’t belong here. Get out; you’re no longer welcome.” [Satan] asked, “Give me time until the Day of Resurrection.”

Allah SWT said, “You’ll have that time.” [Satan] declared, “Since You’ve led me astray, I’ll wait for them on Your path. I’ll approach them from all sides, and most of them won’t be grateful.”

Allah, the Most High, then decreed, “Depart from Paradise, for you are cast out and expelled. Those who choose to follow you will share your abode in Hell.”

Then Allah SWT gave Satan time until the day of judgment, and was thrown out of heaven. 

Adam and Eve’s warning from Allah SWT.

Once upon a time, the Prophet Adam and Eve lived in a beautiful place called Paradise. Everything in Paradise was perfect, and Allah SWT allowed them to enjoy everything except one tree. This tree was known as either the Tree of Pain or the Tree of Knowledge.

Before Adam and Eve were settled in Paradise, Allah SWT gave them an essential rule: “O Adam! You and your wife can live here in Paradise and enjoy all its pleasures.

You can eat from any tree you like, except for this one. Don’t go near it, or you’ll do something wrong.” This rule is found in the Quran in Ayah 2:35.

Adam’s Struggle

Adam and Eve understood that they were not supposed to eat the fruit from that tree. However, Adam was just a human, and sometimes humans forget essential things. Their feelings and desires can make them weak. This is when Iblis (Satan), an evil being, takes advantage of Adam’s human nature.

Iblis whispered to Adam, trying to convince him: “Do you want to find the Tree of Immortality and eternal life?” He even told them, “Allah SWT only told you not to eat from this tree because He doesn’t want you to become angels or live forever.” Iblis swore by Allah SWT, saying, “I truly want what’s best for both of you.” This part of the story is in the Quran, Ayahs 7:20-21.

Prophet Adam wondered, “What if I eat from this tree? Maybe it’s the Tree of Immortality, and I can live in Paradise forever.” He dreamed of staying in Paradise, enjoying its innocence and beauty for all time.

Adam and Eve give In to temptation.

As time passed, Adam and Eve couldn’t stop thinking about that forbidden tree. One day, they made a fateful decision—they decided to eat its fruit.

They forgot Allah SWT’s warning and didn’t remember that Iblis was their enemy. Adam reached out, plucked one of the fruits, and handed it to Eve. Together, they ate from the tree they were supposed to avoid.

This decision had serious consequences. Allah SWT tells us in the Quran, Ayah 7:22, that Satan deceived them with his tricks. And in Ayah 20:121, it’s mentioned that Adam disobeyed Allah SWT and lost his way.

Adam and Eve seek forgiveness.

After Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden tree, they felt a heavy weight in their hearts. They were filled with sadness, shame, and pain.

The once beautiful atmosphere around them seemed to change, and the joyful music in their hearts stopped playing. They realized they were naked and hurried to find leaves from the trees to cover themselves.

Then, Allah SWT spoke to Adam, saying, “Didn’t I tell you not to eat from that tree? I warned you that Satan is your clear enemy.” Adam and Eve responded, “Our Lord, we made a mistake. If You don’t forgive and show us Your mercy, we will surely be among the losers.” Allah SWT replied, “Both of you go down to Earth.

There, you will live for a while and enjoy its blessings.” Allah SWT continued, “You will live, die, and then be brought back to life from the Earth.” These events are described in the Quran, Ayahs 7:22-25.

Greatest dua for forgiveness.

In his book of A’lam al-Din, Ibn ‘Abbas reported the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) to have said, “He who recites the following three Quranic verses three times after the Sunset (Maghrib) Prayer will be regarded as having settled all that which he missed on that day and his prayer will be accepted.

If he recites them after every obligatory or voluntary prayer, rewards that are as numerous as the stars of the sky, the drops of rain, the leaves of trees, and the pieces of the soil of the earth will be recorded for him. After he dies, for each single reward, ten rewards will be recorded for him in his grave. These Quranic verses are the following:

Transliteration: “Fasubhana Allahi heena tumsuuna wa heena tusbihoona wa lahu al-hamdu fi as-samawati wal-ardi wa ‘ashiyān wa heena tuzhiroona. Yukhrijul-hayya minal-mayyiti wa yukhrijul-mayyita minal-hayyi wa yuhyi al-arda ba’da mawtihā. Wa kadhālika tukhrajūna. Subhāna rabbika rabbil-‘izzati ‘ammā yasifūna. Wa salāmun ‘alal-mursalīn. Wal-hamdu lillahi rabbil-‘ālamīn.”

“The doors of Allah’s forgiveness are always open. Seek His forgiveness even if your sins are as numerous as the stars in the sky.”

Imam Ali a.s.

Narrated by Abu Huraira (may Allah be pleased with him): The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) conveyed, “Allah, in His infinite mercy, proclaims, ‘I respond to My servant according to their perception of Me.

I shall fulfill their expectations if they believe I can grant their wishes. I am close to them when they remember Me. When they remember Me in solitude, I remember them within Myself. When they remember Me in a gathering, I remember them in a gathering far superior.

If they draw nearer to Me by a handspan, I draw nearer to them by an arm’s length. If they approach Me at arm’s length, I approach them with two outstretched arms. If they come to Me walking, I rush to them with open arms.'”

Dua for forgiveness from zina.

Qāla Rabbi innī ẓalamtu nafsī, faghfir lī, faghafara lahu. Innahu huwa al-ghafūru al-raḥīm.

English Translation: He said, “My Lord, indeed I have wronged myself, so forgive me,” and He forgave him. Indeed, He is the Forgiving, the Merciful. (Quran 28:16)

Dua for forgiveness of zina.

Transliteration: Wa ul-llazeena ayza fa’aloo fahishatan aw zalamoo anfusahum zakaroo ul-lah, fastaghfaroo li zunoobihim, waman yaghfiru uz-zunooba illa Allah, walam yusirroo ‘ala ma fa’aloo wahum ya’lamoon.

English Translation: And those who, when they have committed Fahishah (illegal sexual intercourse) or wronged themselves with evil, remember Allah and ask forgiveness for their sins, and none can forgive sins except Allah, and they do not persist in what they have done while they know. (Quran 3:135)

Dua for forgiveness from Allah.

Qāla Rabbi innī ẓalamtu nafsī, faghfir lī, faghafara lahu. Innahu huwa al-ghafūru al-raḥīm.

English Translation: He said, “My Lord, indeed I have wronged myself, so forgive me,” and He forgave him. Indeed, He is the Forgiving, the Merciful. (Quran 28:16)

Dua for forgiveness of major sins in Islam.

Transliteration: “Qul ya ibadi allatheena asrafu ‘ala anfusihim la taqnatoo min rahmati Allahi. InnAllaha yaghfiru aththunooba jamee’an innahu huwa al-ghafooru ar-raheem.”

“Tell them, ‘O My servants who have erred in their ways, never despair of Allah’s mercy, for Allah forgives all sins. He is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful.'” (Quran 39:53)

Dua for forgiveness before sleep.

How to erase major sins in Islam?

To erase major sins in Islam, you are required to ask Allah SWT. To ask Allah SWT, you must know how to ask Him because he is omnipotent. Imam Ali’s sermon, which you must know is.

Let us praise Allah, whose worth transcends human description and whose bounties cannot be tallied by any calculation. Obedience to Him is an endeavor never truly satisfied, for His greatness surpasses human comprehension.

No limit, eulogy, ordained time, or fixed duration can adequately define Him. Through His Omnipotence, He brought forth creation. By His Compassion, He scattered the winds, and with solid rocks, He steadied the trembling earth.

The essence of religion lies in acknowledging His presence. To accept Him ideally is to bear witness to His Oneness. To believe in His Oneness entirely is to perceive Him as Pure. To recognize His purity entirely is to abstain from attributing human characteristics to Him.

Every attribute ascribed to Him implies a difference from that which it is attributed to, and everything to which something is attributed is distinct from that attribute. Therefore, anyone who assigns points to Allah acknowledges a similarity to Him.

One who perceives a similarity assumes duality, and in duality, one recognizes divisions within Him. This, however, is an error, leading to the misconception that He can be counted.

Those who inquire about His existence within something confine Him, while those who ask about Him being upon something else deny His essence. He exists without the phenomenon of coming into being, always existing without originating from non-existence.

He is with everything but not in physical proximity, and He is distinct from everything but not separated in a physical sense. His actions are not bound by movement or instruments. He perceives even when there is nothing visible from among His creation. He is the One and Only, beyond any need for companionship or missing in His absence.

Allah’s mercy encompasses all of His creation. His mercy is infinite and extends to both believers and non-believers. It is a source of hope, forgiveness, and salvation for humanity. Imam Ali a.s. (peace be upon him) emphasizes the importance of recognizing Allah’s mercy and having love for Him as the ultimate perfection in one’s faith.

This is how you ask Allah SWT for forgiveness of sins no matter how much because Imam Ali a.s. Quote: “The doors of Allah’s forgiveness are eternally open. Never hesitate to seek His forgiveness, no matter how abundant your sins may be, just as the stars in the sky are countless.”

How do you say sorry to Allah?

Allah is merciful to all his creation, and believing in his oneness is the first step in asking for forgiveness. Sincerely promise Allah SWT not to commit the same sin again.

What happens when you say Astaghfirullah?

Whenever I say Astaghfirullah, I always feel the love of my Allah SWT, and that feeling is so beautiful. The benefit of regularly saying Astaghfirullah is that it reminds you that Allah is omnipresent and the motivation to avoid sins.

Ibn Abbas (رضي الله عنه) narrated: The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ‎‎) said:
“Whoever continually seeks forgiveness from Allah, Allah will appoint for them a way out of every difficulty, relief from every distress, and provide for them from sources they could never have imagined.” [Abu Dawud]

How to know if Allah has forgiven you?

From my personal experience, after saying Astaghfirullah sincerely, I noticed an increased love for Allah and a will to follow Islamic principles more than ever. The love for Salah, feeling relaxed from all worldly affairs, and Improved manners were some of the signs I love and were noticed. This was my way to feel the consent of Allah that he has forgiven me because he is the most merciful.

What dua to read at night for forgiveness?

The prophet of Allah had a regular night ritual of seeking blessings from Allah. I will discuss that with you in the easiest way possible.

Dua to read at night for forgiveness here is the full post for more in-depth.


I wanted to give you a reality check on why Allah SWT has created us to worship Him, right? And he is so merciful and benevolent to forgive us for our small and big sins. Do not think of your sins as so significant that Allah SWT will not forgive because this is what Satan wants you to believe, and Satan doesn’t want you to get close to Allah SWT.

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